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Warranty for all windows laptop is 12 months mother board warranty + 3 months general warranty + 1 week on battery

1-3 days

Battery depends on the model and the usage but you should expect at least 2 hrs of battery life

All laptops are A++ like new barely to no scratches

Core i7 and i5 are the same however core i7 excels in heavy multi-tasking while i5 can do almost 90% same workload and at the same time maintaining a better battery life!

Most users will be fine using an intel core i3 or i5 if their work is mainly research and light editing and gaming and watching movies and they will be saving money because i7 costs are higher, much higher!

RAMs do not interfere with speed. The 2 things that determine speed are the laptop storage type HDD. RAMs are used to access and navigate through opened apps and they have no direct connection to speed.

Touchscreen laptops are the future of all devices and yes the touch is super smooth and responsive and not sluggish and laggy like you would assume!

f you are worried about the size or the touch feature or want 16GB or 8GB or even the appearance of the laptop We offer 3-days trial on all laptops eligible for exchange within this period immediately! if there is a valid problem refund is available :)


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your satisfaction is our priority